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Friday, December 19, 2014

More witnesses to the healing research at the Karolinska Institute (KI), and links to healing research in the world

Bjarne Håkansson was the contact with Professor Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg at the Karolinska Institute and Professor Per-Arne Öckerman in Gothenburg he was one of Channie West's ancient healing pupils, .

It actually began as one of Bjarnes acquaintances heard a radio program about alternative medicine and professor Uvnäs Moberg and this paved the way for healing research and he contacted Professor Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg and Professor Per-Arne Öckerman and suggested healing tests.

Bjarne was also one of those who took part as a healer at the healing experiments and thus, he can confirm that there has been research on healing for several years at Karolinska Institutet. This also confirms his former partner Lena Nyström, who was also there during the trials from the beginning.

Channie did not mention any names and what healers who were involved in healing research at KI at our video interview with her in September 2014, because the people were not invited and therefore she did not want to leave there names out. Channie now confirm that it was Bjarne Håkansson who initiated the healing research, both healing study in Öckerman and healing research at the Karolinska Institute.

Channie also tells us that there were at least seven white time healers who participated in healing research at KI. They wanted to test different people who has work various time with healing, which Channie respondents among its healing pupils. Besides these, there were also healers from other healing methods. Although six people from KI underwent a healing training of Channie order to be able to do tests and healing attempts.

Channie advised that we would ask Bjarne if he had any paper from wound healing experiment, where Bjarne was with, but not herself, for ethical reasons, because she did not like that the animals were harmed. But Channie and Bjarne have different recollections about the significance of wound healing experiment. According Channie said Uvnäs-Moberg to wound healing experiment resulted in 85% faster wound healing with healing than the control group. Bjarne thought that wound healing was at a 50% improvement according to his recollection of what Uvnäs Moberg said. Bjarne's former partner Lena Nyström remembered, however, as Channie, it was 85% faster wound healing with healing compared to the control group. Sorry, there are no documents left what the results really were at, since the research was wiped out and stolen. Bjarne got no papers. May remember Professor Uvnäs-Moberg himself outcome of healing research nearly 20 years ago (1995-1997). We have looked for her by telephone on several occasions, but failed to reach her yet.

A thought comes to mind.

Could it possibly be so lucky that all the stolen files and years of research and 20 years old tapes can remain on KI somewhere and might be found? Perhaps lies the hidden or forgotten in any locked in basements? It can not have been so simply for the thief carrying away so many running meters of files with research from Karolinska Institutet. Easier would be well when the thief to haul it all down to the basement and lock it in a closet.

So detectives at KI and friends of right! Find the stolen research before the thief himself burning up everything or carting it from KI for destruction!

Channie, Bjarne and Lena have different recollections of how long research efforts underway at KI. Lena thought it was around 1.5 years, Channie about 3 years. But what we understood at this in retrospect, it was not all healers on KI and healed at the same time all times, so participation time can of course also be varied.

But even if memory images vary a bit, we can still clearly observe and verify that healing studies have been made by Professor Öckerman in Gothenburg and that healing research has been done for several years at the Karolinska Institute under Professor Uvnäs Moberg's leadership.

Had this healing research is not mörkats and stolen, so would healers and healing for several decades back could be allowed and integration of care in our hospitals and medical facilities in Sweden. In many other countries already allows healing of care.

Below are some interesting links for healing research in Sweden and the rest of the world to take part of.

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PILOT PROJECT ON Uppsala University Hospital 1997 - 1998

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There is much research on various forms of healing from all over the world. Some of the studies published in medical and nursing journals, others are available as theses. Daniel J. BENOR (MD) is a pioneer who compiled published research studies his books: Healing Research: references http://councilforhealing.org/ResearchOnHealing.html

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